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Joseph McGill Jr. and Herb Frazier Give Readers Important Emersion Into History of Slavery

Journalist Herb Frazier and Joseph McGill Jr., founder of the Slave Dwelling Project, combined to reconstruct histories in a very personal way. Their book, Sleeping with the Ancestors: How I Followed the Footprints of Slavery, tells stories of slavery through the lens of their overnight encounters with the historic sites that fostered them. Jodi Skipper, associate professor of anthropology and Southern Studies and author of Behind the Big House: Reconciling Slavery, Race, and Heritage in the U. S. South, facilitates their conversation at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, April 4 at the Overby Center.

Learn more about the Slave Dwelling Project here. Sleeping with the Ancestors focuses on all of the key sites McGill has visited in his ongoing project and digs deeper into the actual history of each location, using McGill’s own experience and conversations with the community to enhance those original stories. Altogether, McGill and coauthor Frazier give readers an important unexpected emersion into the history of slavery, and especially the obscured and ignored aspects of that history.