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Book Recounts Pillaging of Rare Illustrations from University Libraries

A library thief decimated the rare-book collections of academic libraries across the US during a 1980 crime spree. Travis McDade, the curator of law rare books at the University of Illinois College of Law and an expert on rare-book crimes, tells the story of the thefts and how the thief was caught in his new book, Torn from Their Bindings: A Story of Art, Science, and the Pillaging of American University Libraries.

McDade will open the Oxford Conference for the Book at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, March 27, with a talk on Torn from Their Bindings in the Faulkner Room of the J.D. Williams Library.

Click here to read about how McDade became interested in the story after buying some prints (pictured) from the U. of I. Library that had been recovered from a different theft.