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Jen Fawkes Turns Fairy Tales On Their Heads

“Looking for a book in which Medusa and Hamlet’s uncle both make appearances? This one should fill that niche perfectly. Do you like literary villains? Do you enjoy meditations on love? Well then,” reads Vol. 1 Brooklyn on Tales the Devil Told Me. A two-time finalist for the Calvino Prize in fabulist fiction, Jen Fawkes joins the Oxford Conference for the Book in a conversation about “Southern Transplants” on Friday, April 5.

“With empathy and wit, Jen Fawkes explores the inner lives of reviled or marginalized characters—from Rumpelstiltskin’s desire to nurture a child to Medusa’s struggles with dating to the heartbreaking backstory of the witch who devoured Hansel and Gretel. In re-imagining characters displaced from their own stories, sabotaged by their own wild pasts, Fawkes offers welcome revisions to the familiar stories that have made and unmade us.”
                                                                      —Amy Bonnaffons, author of The Regrets