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Scotts Provide Gifts to Children’s Book Festival to Pay Tribute to Mother

Elementary school students will be encouraged to love reading thanks to a University of Mississippi endowment paying tribute to the late Elaine Hoffman Scott of Little Rock, Arkansas, remembered for her great passion for education and the arts.

The Elaine Hoffman Scott Memorial Endowment and the Elaine Hoffman Scott Memorial Fund, both which will support the Children’s Book Festival, were established with $72,000 in gifts from her son, Bran Scott of San Jose, California, and daughters, Melissa Scott of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and Caitlin Scott of Petaluma, California.

Part of the Oxford Conference for the Book, the Children’s Book Festival serves more than 1,200 area first-graders and fifth-graders from schools in Lafayette County and Oxford, Mississippi.

Visit “Supporting Reading Experiences for Children” to read more about the Scott family’s gift.