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Kell Kellum

Kell Kellum is most well-known for his side work with Jimbo Mathus, Water Liars, Anne Freeman, Andrew Bryant, and Young Valley. “As a pedal steel player, he bends notes so hard he breaks your heart,” says Oxford novelist William Boyle. “Two beers in, and you’re crying. On his albums Adding to the Ashes and See Yourself In, Kellum takes center stage and unravels masterpieces of his own. Adding to the Ashes is an unfolded map; it’s a motel parking lot after a storm; it’s smoke rising at sundown; it’s an anchor dropped in the middle of an abandoned city; it’s a run in the stocking of that waitress you like; it’s a lighted room in the dark. Welcome to these territories of sound.” Kellum is also, since 2022, the operations assistant at the Center for the Study of Southern Culture.